Having Fun With Developmental Toys

Having Fun With Developmental Toys

Having Fun With Developmental Toys

Having Fun With Developmental Toys

More than simply playing and having fun with developmental toys, stimulation is essential to a growing child's health. Therefore, we offer the best selection currently available.

What are Developmental Toys?

Developmental toys can be put into two categories; mental and physical. Mental developmental toys engage the brain as it matures from birth through to childhood. Physical developmental toys encourage activities in children that accompany their growing muscles. These are called motor skills, which in turn come in two types; fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills help with smaller movements like moving small muscles in the fingers, lips, and eyes. Gross motor skills involve developing larger muscle groups like the legs and arms.

Sensory Toys for Babies

Babies learn and grow at an alarming rate from the minute they are born. A newborn's brain is constantly firing up to 100 billion neurons. That's the same number of stars in our galaxy! Neurons are essential for synapses that form the brain in the early years. And you must stimulate these at an early age because they rapidly reduce at around 10,000 per day as we age. Sensory toys for babies ensure you can make the most of their early excess neurons by stimulating and developing their sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

Help Your Child Make Sense of the World

Of course, babies just want to have fun. And what better way than with our excellent range of sensory toys. Your baby can engage sight and touch with the Sassy Tummy Time See Me Floor Mirror. There's no end to the adult fun as you watch your baby try to work out just who it is in there! Or have fun watching them learn and play with the Arctic Adventure Bath Book, which lets you splish and splash them with water so they better understand bath time in terms of how it feels on their skin. There's something for all kinds of playing and learning with the senses.

Our Fine Motor Skills Toys

Your kids need to learn to use the intricate muscles in their bodies from baby to toddler. For instance, they need to learn to hold a spoon to feed themselves. Yet they also have to open their mouth, chew and swallow. As an adult, you take this for granted. But there was a time when this was a challenge. But don't worry because, at The Whole Brained Child, we have a great selection of fine motor skills toys for helping your babies and toddlers with their early development. In time, this will help your child with eating, getting dressed, and learning to write.

Give Your Children the Independence They Need

Developing fine motor skills allows us to do the most intricate things in life. And independence like this begins at a very early age. Without fine motor adaptation, your child will not be as independent as they should be by a certain age. However, The Whole Brained Child has a broad offering of some of the most exciting, fun, and educational toys for fine motor skills you are likely to find. For example, our Wooden Shapes & Numbers Learning Puzzle helps children use their fingers to insert shapes, but also educates them with basic mathematics.

Gross Motor Skills Toys for Development

As your child grows, they like to get around; this is where their gross motor skills come in handy. For instance, when they tend to get all wriggly and try to crawl everywhere. Where fine motor skills help children with intricate movements, gross motor skills relate to wider physical traversal, such as moving their arms, legs, and waist. Therefore, physical activity is just as important to babies and toddlers as it is to adults. We currently have some of the most versatile ranges of gross motor skills toys and games for development from baby to early childhood.

Encourage Physical Movement as They Grow and Learn

As a parent, you've probably noticed that children love to move. In fact, it's hard to stop them unless they're sleeping. But your little ones are doing more than just trying to get around. They are constantly experiencing new things and learning to recognize things they love to do. And one of the first things children love to do is read. While babies cannot read the Fairytale Peek-a-boo Book, they will engage their motor skills when turning the soft textured pages to see what surprises lie ahead. As an adult, you get to entertain and be entertained simultaneously.

Why Choose Our Developmental Toys?

At The Whole Brained Child, we offer the best selection of developmental toys available anywhere. You can find a wide range of toys for learning, education, and physical movement for emotional control, skill development, creativity, and logic from birth to late childhood.

Our Toys are Cost-Effective and Safer

Wooden toys are indeed more expensive upfront. However, plastic toys are cheaper because they are made with inferior materials and interior manufacturing techniques. You will save more money in the long run by purchasing wooden toys for your toddler because they cannot break as easily and will not need to be replaced as often. Additionally, all of our toys are manufactured with child safety in mind. You will find that toys from The Whole Brained Child are free from sharp edges, have no choking hazards, and are colored with non-toxic paints.

Our Toys are Sustainable

We are more environmentally conscious than ever before in the modern world. And you might be looking to reduce your contribution to waste problems. Many children's toys are made from toxic plastics that don't degrade. So they end up in landfills when they break. Wooden toys from The Whole Brained Child are made from sustainable materials that last a long time because of their durability. However, if they are discarded at a landfill (which we are confident you won't do), they are highly biodegradable and will cause no further harm to the environment.


Your children will have tons of fun with developmental toys. From birth to childhood, specially-designed toys and games offer fun while learning through the senses and movement.