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About Terese

Born and raised in California, I call Southern California my home. I have combined my unparalleled blend of formal education and infant care experience to bring development toys and memories into your home. When I'm not busy swaddling babies you can find me at the tide pools with my two toddlers or whipping up some sweet treats in the kitchen.

About Rachel

Also a native Californian, Rachel has a passion for all things E-Commerce. She is a leader in the Ecommerce accounting world, and helps many clients sell through the Shopify platform. She also loves yoga, traveling, the Golden Girls, being a dance mom, and spending time with her family.


Hi! Rachel here. I wanted to share how Terese and I came to our shared passion of business and giving back to children in need. Terese and I both had our share of overcoming challenges. We both share the same outlook on life and the same passion to succeed.

One thing that we wanted to do with our business is to incorporate our desire to help children in need. Not all kids are given the same starting points in life, and we all know that it takes a village.

Terese is a foster parent and I sat down with her to ask her about her experieces:

Rachel: Terese can you tell me who you have been a foster parent to?

Terese: My husband and I became certified foster parents in 2017 and have fostered three children. 

Rachel: Why do you feel like you were meant to be a foster parent?

Terese: After watching close friends navigate the process both my husband and I became aware of the need. As sticky as the navigating the system can be, we came to realization adults are able to handle difficult situations, children are not. 

Rachel: What has been your experience with the fostering system thus far?

Terese: It's worth the mess. The things we have heard, seen and witnessed cannot go unheard or unseen. We understand.

Rachel:  What has been your experience with other parents?

Terese: The foster care community is very supportive. Our church community offers support groups, holiday gatherings and parties as well as practical resources such as meal drop off when a new placement arrives, access to gently used clothing for newly placed kiddos.

Rachel:  Do you feel like you can help other people navigate the fostering system?

Terese: Yes, we often meet with parents considering certification. My husband and I have also interviewed with a local radio station sharing our hearts for foster care.

Rachel: What do you feel needs to be changed about the system?

Terese: Yikes! A lot. Foster Parents often get a bad rap. We need to move away from the stigma of the role of foster parents. 

Rachel: Are more parents needed?

Terese: Yes, always!

Rachel: Are more resourced needed?

Terese: Yes, foster parents are often overlooked for needing support in both emotional and tangible ways. Overall, there is lack of awareness of the foster care system. 

Rachel: What piece of advice would you give families looking to foster?

Terese: It is the hardest and best thing you will do. Hold the children that come through your home with an open hand and remind yourself, the 'hello' is worth the 'goodbye'.