Hape Brand Object Permanence Box


 An object permanence box is a classic Montessori material that is introduced to infants once they can sit up independently, at approximately 6–12 months of age. This material aids in the child’s development of object permanence, while also honing their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, focus, and concentration.

To use the object permanence box, an infant places a large wooden ball into a hole located on the top of the box. The ball momentarily disappears into the box, but then reappears as it rolls back out into a tray where it is then easily retrieved by the infant. A baby who is still actively developing an understanding of object permanence will often engage in long periods of repetition with this task, until mastery is achieved.


Demensions: 5.98 X 4.76X 11.57 inches 

Non Toxic.